Turkish metal band Kült has released an 8 piece album “Zihnin Eşiğinde”. You can access a full stream video on their Youtube channel, also digital platforms on the way.

Founded by Selim and Kaan in early 2015, the band put a 2 year effort and released their debut.

Drummer of the crew expresses some lines:

“The album itself surely represents heavy metal in a melodic way, but it also succeeds on that with an estetic perspective. At least it is what i feel listening through it. I will always feel proud on this album, guys was such pleasure to work with. For sure, there is more to come.

Here is what (who) took the crew to pull this off:

Selim Yanbaş – Elektric Guitar
Kaan Yazıcı – Vocal, Bass Guitar, Production
Ozan Gümrükçü – Drums, Co-Production
Koray Özyurt – Elektric Guitar
Ali Baran Özcan – Acoustic Guitar (for 5. and 8. songs)

Here you can check out the goodies: