The frontman and lead singer of the band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider tweeted to commemorate the singer John Denver and the bandleader Frank Zappa recently.

The grieved deaths of both John Denver and Frank Zappa were recalled by Snider, who faced the court about the censorship case in 1985 together with them. As a result of the censoring efforts of the Parents Music Resource Center about the songs which they believed to contain violent, drug-related, or sexual themes, all three musicians had to be up before the senate in 1985.

They all defended the freedom of the content of their music. During his statement Zappa explained that the proposal of PMRC is an “ill-conceived piece of nonsense” and it fails to serve any real benefits to children, or to the civil liberties of people who are not children. Much the same with Zappa, Snider, and Denver strongly opposed to any kind of censorship in such a creative field as the music.

Recently, Dee Snider shared on Twitter how regretful he is to never get to meet John Denver in person. He replied to professional snooker Joe Davis’ tweet, in which Davis recalled Denver, and said his own feelings by mentioning Zappa, as well. Snider said:

“Never! One of my life’s regrets is that I never got to meet John and thank him for standing tall in the fight against censorship. RIP John, RIP Frank.”

You can see Snider’s tweet below.