Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider had a recent Twitter argument with fans, and slammed hard about Pop & HipHop featurings.

Everything started with fan named Angel Roses’ critics about Hard Rock Cafe’s editorial policy.

Here is what Angel wrote:

“Hard Rock Cafe, as your name speaks for you, can ya stop to put rap and Shakira in your video playlist? Otherwise you should start to reconsider your Brand name, I believe.”

Hard Rock Cafe replied:

“Our walls tell our story – we honor today’s artists because we know they are tomorrow’s legends. We truly believe ‘rock and roll’ is an attitude, and today’s rock stars come from all genres. Music brings us together. That’s what we stand for, it’s what we’ve always stood for.”

Suddenly, Dee Snider chimed in:

“Who is this idiot? Some millennial spouting ‘what we’ve always stood for’ when they weren’t even a consideration to their grandparents at the time of the Hard Rocks inception. Good job promoting the company line though. The ‘metal horns’ at the end were a nice touch. ‘You rock.'”

After Dee’s reaction, the person who runs the company replied, and tried to settle down things:

@deesnider much respect to you and your career. I work for @hardrock and do everything I can do to keep the Metal alive when I’m at work.”

Then, Dee responded:

“That has always bugged the hell out of me. The Hard Rock Cafe made its name on the backs of Cream, Hendrix, the Who (original hard rock bands) and now… look at them.”

You can see all those tweets below: