Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French spoke in a recent interview with Mike Brunn and talked about the time he auditioned for KISS back in 1972.

In the conversation, Jay Jay touched upon the fact that the audition happened a long time ago, and he barely remembers what happened at that time. As the guitarist said, they only jammed several times back then. However, the band decided to continue with Ace Frehley, KISS’s original guitarist, and Jay Jay never closed the deal.

Therefore, he reminded everyone that there was no such thing as ‘Jay Jay in KISS.’ While saying that he has never been a KISS member, the veteran guitarist also admitted that he wasn’t good enough to get picked by KISS, and that was the main reason why he couldn’t make it.

Furthermore, French also praised Ace’s talents and admitted that he was way better than him. In fact, after seeing KISS with Frehley, Jay Jay realized that they had found the right person for the job.

Jay Jay French on his KISS auction:

“You know, it’s so long ago I can hardly remember. I just remember they called me up a couple of times to come down, and I went down and jammed on several occasions. But I never imbued it with much more history than… I’ve never been a KISS player, I never made a deal out of it. This whole thing, ‘Jay Jay in KISS,’ is such bullshit.

One time a guy said to me, ‘Have you ever been in another band?’ I said, ‘Well, not really but I auditioned for KISS in 1972, it didn’t work out.’ How honest can you be? I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t picked. Ace was way better. I saw them and was like, ‘Whoa, they got the right guy!’ Ace was great.”

You can check out the full interview below.