The iconic fronting member of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider posted a recent tweet on his official social media page and made his fans really curious.

As you will read the tweet of Dee below, he revealed that he had a recent dinner with one of the biggest rock frontmen in the world.

Unfortunately, Dee Snider didn’t reveal the names of these rock stars.

Here is what Dee wrote first:

Had a private dinner with three of the biggest rockstar frontmen in the world and our ladies last night. It was pretty amazing. #Imnottellingwho

A user named Seth Bate asked a crucial question:

“Was it a total of 3 of you? If so, I’m almost certain that the others were Robert Plant and @alicecooper, given the stories you’ve told about them in the past, Unca @deesnider. If there was a 4th, I feel like it was @sebastianbach. Please at least tell me how many I got right?”

Dee Snider responded:

“No… I was one of four.

You can see the tweets below.