Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider revealed that Celine Dion did not have any clue about her iconic Christmas song named ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ was written by Snider, during a recent interview, Snider explained why.

‘The Magic of Christmas Day(God Bless Us Everyone)’ was from Celine Dion’s sixth studio album titled ‘These Are Special Times’ which was released back in 1998. The album has sold 14 million copies worldwide and is one of the best-selling Christmas albums of all time.

While the album gained huge commercial success, there is a little known fact about the song ‘God Bless Us Everyone.’ The track was written by Dee Snider for his wife, Suzette, however, end up with Celine Dion.

Snider refused to tell Celine Dion that he was the one to wrote the song because Snider did not want Dion to change her mind due to the fact that the song was created by a controversial rock band frontman.

During a recent interview, Dee Snider revealed that even to this day, Celine Dion is not aware of the fact that ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ was written by Snider. In addition to this, snider opened up about how he feels about the success of the album and the song, revealing that he feels like it’s a gift from Dion.

Here is what Snider said:

I don’t know to this day if she knows that I wrote the song, but it’s the biggest selling holiday record in history – 14 million copies worldwide, or something like that. So, that was just a gift. Saint Celine gave my family a gift, and now the song has taken on a life of its own.”

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