During the recent conversation with AXS TV, Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider unveiled his new projects and excited the fans about this unique path that Dee entered.

As you might already know, Dee Snider has other talents besides making or writing music. For years, he has been writing books and guidelines. He also released one of them, Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide, in 1987.

In the talk, Dee stated he told his management last year that he didn’t want to work on music in 2020 to focus on his writing skills. He stated that he finished his first fictional novel and started to write another one.

Furthermore, Dee has been working on some movie scripts and said that he will be a director of a couple of movies in the near future. Additionally, Dee made it clear that he doesn’t focus on these new projects because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was just a coincidence.

Here is what Dee Snider said:

“Last year, I decided — I told my management I’m taking 2020 off. And they were, like, ‘What? You’re not gonna book any shows?’ And I said, ‘No shows for 2020. And I just wanna focus on my writing.’ ‘Cause I’ve been developing my writing for decades now.

And, oddly, nobody had shows in 2020. And being stuck here in our house in Belize, all I do is write all day. So it’s been an awful situation that had a silver lining.”

He continued:

“I’ve been writing scripts for decades now, and now I’ve moved into writing prose. I wrote my first novel, which I just finished — a fictional novel. And that’s being shopped right now. I just started my second novel.

And then I’ve got a couple of movie scripts I’m working on. I’m gonna be directing a couple of movies that are delayed now because of the whole COVID thing. So I’ve got a lot of interesting, non-rock and roll projects going on. And the good thing is I get to just sit and focus on them, which is the upside.”

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