The iconic fronting member of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has retweeted a tweet of his fan named BuggleJ, on his verified Twitter account.

In the tweet, the fan mentioned that the songs which played during the time out in a football match which he has gone a few weeks ago.

The fan said that the songs named, ‘Hells Bells, Crazy Train and Welcome To The Jungle’ played in the break, but he felt bad at all because he couldn’t hear Shakira in the stadium.

Here’s what wrote the fan:

“Which reminds me …. was watching a football game eh couple weeks back … and during time outs, etc I heard Hells Bells, Crazy Train and Welcome To The Jungle being played over the stadium PA!

Yep didn’t hear any Shakira …”

After that tweet, Dee Snider couldn’t keep his silence to the memoir of his fan, and he wrote a sincere tweet about his fans’ trouble. Dee Snider claimed that the audience should boo the unforgettable Shakira song named, ‘Hips Don’t Lie.’

Here’s what said, Dee Snider:

“If “Hips Don’t Lie” started playing during a game, people would boo! #justsayin.”

You can see all the tweets right below.