Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that United Airlines actually separated Dee and his wife Suzette on the flight even though they booked the seats together and Snider complained about their behavior to stress the reckless action of the airline during the pandemic.

Dee Snider recently took Twitter to shoutout United Airlines for separating his wife and him on their flight and stated that they have always traveled with United Airlines. Dee expressed his disappointment in addition to stating that the reckless attitude of the airline company, especially during COVID-19.

Here is what Snider said in his initial tweet about his unfortunate experience:

“Traveling and ol’ United Airlines airlines is at it again. Separating my wife and me on the flight (seats were booked together, filling middle seats, not controlling boarding. I guess they didn’t hear that there’s a pandemic?

After reaching out the United Airlines, Dee shared their response on his official Twitter page, and apparently, they stated that even though they are booked, the seats are not guaranteed due to possible changes because of various reasons.

Here is how the airlines’ company responded:

“This is United Airlines’ response:

We’re sorry for the change in seating, Dee. We try to accommodate all seating requests, but seats are not guaranteed due to changes in aircraft, scheduling, or to accommodate customers with disabilities: We appreciate your understanding.”
Later on, Snider shared his response to the company and stressed their unreasonable action, making two strangers sit next to each other while there is a pandemic going on around the world. Dee sounded furious as he and his wife Suzette got to sit separately in addition to a stranger between them.
Here is what Snider said:
“To which I responded: No I don’t understand! It’s COVID! A pandemic! You are creating 2 pairs of strangers sitting together instead of one pair! It’s completely illogical!
You can see the Twitter posts below.