Dee Snider, the legendary frontman of Twisted Sister, has recalled the times when he put great shows on stage before the global pandemic by sharing a really cool shot saying that he is glad there was a photographer to capture this magical moment.

As you may remember, the iconic musician posted an amazing picture taken when he was on stage with Alice Cooper lately on Instagram. Snider said in the caption of the photo, which marked the last performance of him in 2019, that he is honored to share the stage with his hero.

Recently, Dee took Instagram to display another great and cool moment during the tour. He shared a picture of himself with his former solo band member, Keith Robert, taken when they jumped really high with their utmost energy when performing on stage.

Snider said about the photo that there are some magical moments in rock like this and when there is a photographer to take it, he gets extremely glad. Lots of his fans agreed with Snider and commented to praise the awesomeness of the shot.

Here is what Dee Snider said in his recent Instagram post:

There are these magical moments in rock… When you’re just so fucking glad there was a photographer there to capture it!!! (That’s former Dee Snider solo band member Keith Roberts)”

You can see the post below.