The iconic fronting member of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has shared a new tweet for giving a stunning answer to the tweet of his fan via his verified Twitter account.

Today, Dee Snider made a sincere statement about the last status of his own novel. He announced that he finished 1st part of his own novel and mentioned how the publishing process goes these days.

Here’s the tweet of Dee Snider:

“I know I’ve been kind of quiet lately. Doing a lot of writing. I just finished 1st pass at my novel. Sent out to ‘trusted readers’ awaiting notes.

Then comes 2nd, hopefully, final draft. Shop to publishers after that. Still, ways before you get to read it, but this is the process.”

After a while, a fan named, Inkenstein has written a well-disposed message to Dee Snider for helping Dee’s book project.

The fan said that:

“I would be honored to work on your book cover for your novel.”

Twisted Sister’s iconic frontman has seen that tweet of the fan and wrote a sincere message to him. Dee thanked his fan for the offer, but he didn’t accept it and revealed the reason why he’s rejecting his fan.

Here’s what Dee wrote to the fan:

“Thanks for the offer, but you can’t make an album cover before the record is written and recorded. Well, technically you can, but that’s idiotic.

You can see the all tweets of Dee Snider and his fan Inkenstein right below.