Twisted Sister’s legendary frontman, Dee Snider, has made a quick question and answer session on his official and verified Twitter account.

Yesterday, Dee tweeted that he wants to see AC/DC at the half time show of Super Bowl next year. After his statement, he got into really serious arguments with the fans and haters.

A Spanish fan wrote a disrespectful message to Dee on Twitter. Here’s the answer of Dee Snider:

“You’re an idiot. It has. It has nothing to do with culture…IT’S ALL ABOUT ROCK N ROLL!”

A user named Leo Kannaly wrote a funny comment:

“I’m gonna have to agree with Dee on this one… I can only read English.”

Another fan named Rock Steady commented:

“Deee let me pick the 5 songs twisted sister medley for a future half time show! One song would include RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.”

You can see the tweets of the couple right below.