Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has criticised mass shooting in a recent statement that he shared on Twitter.

Here’s what he wrote:

“As a 2nd Amendment supporter & a concealed carrier I have to say something must be done with our gun laws. “Arming the general populace” didn’t work in El Paso. That city has open carry, concealed carry & campus carry – it is gunned up. It did NOTHING to stop the mass shooting.”

A fan named Cam Edwards asked to Dee:

“Asking this seriously and as a fan, Dee. Do you have any ideas as to what you think would work, and not infringe on the rights of Americans?”

Dee responded:

“All I know is being from New York the laws there are so strict it made it very difficult for me to get every gun that I have. I HATED the process…but it things like that make it more difficult for assholes to gun up, then so be it.”

Dee also retweeted a statistics about the mass shooting in 2019 with this statement:

“I’m embarrassed by these statistics.”

Check out the tweets below.