Dee Snider, Twisted Sister’s frontman, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account to clear out the air about his stance toward his bands’ music being used for political reasons and responded to a follower’s statement that he will lose a number of his fans.

Dee Snider is one of the rockstars who are the most active on social media. He often uses his Twitter account to share his views on new music, to answer questions about Twisted Sister, and sometimes to comment on the ongoing pandemic.

He has shown his support for the government restrictions and has even posted a photo of himself dressed as Uncle Sam, asking his fans to wear a mask. Thus, the fact that Twisted Sister’s song was used by anti-mask protesters in Florida to encourage people to take off their masks annoyed him.

Just a couple of days ago he retweeted a news article which discussed Snider’s negative reaction to the use of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘ by anti-mask protesters. This retweet reopened the discussion about where Snider stands on the use of the song by people with whom he does not agree politically.

Snider’s recent tweet is in connection to a conversation that two of his followers had. One of them supported that Republicans using ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as an anthem is absurd and that they hope Snider sues them. On the other hand, the other fan argued that they see nothing wrong with and that it’s their right to use it.

Here’s what one of his follower’s said:

“There is something about Qanon trying to use Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as his new anthem that makes my head want to explode. I hope Dee Snider sues the fuck out this moron. Watch ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ at your own risk, migraines, or loss of sanity possible.”

Here’s what a fan responded to that:

“I see nothing wrong with it. It’s a fight song used by many. Most of Long Island is Trump supporters. You people are so filled with hatred. I’ve been a fan of Dee’s since 1978 so fuck off and mind your own business.”

The conversation got even more heated when the anti-Trump follower said that Snider fought for their rights to listen to rock n’ roll and that is why his fans are obligated to protect his music.

Finally, they posted a tweet that drew Snider’s attention. The follower said that everything is up to Dee and that if he sues politicians for using Twisted Sister’s song as an anthem, or declare that he is against it, then he will lose more than half of his fan base.

Here’s what they said:

“I don’t give a shit about your previous tweet. It’s Dee’s decision. If he wants to lose half or more of his base that’s up to him .”

This was obviously the last straw as Dee Snider responded in frustration by saying that their fan base is not only based in the United States and that none of their non-American fans care about their political views. However, he added that there is one thing their non-American fans believe and that is that ‘Trump is a fucking idiot.’

Snider’s response received a lot of comments from people all around the world. The majority of them agreed with Snider and said that they do indeed dislike him and that his only positive aspect is that he is a good source of jokes.

Here’s what Dee Snider said in his tweet:

“Fortunately, Twisted Sister and I, are an international band with more fans outside of the US than in. Outside of the US, they don’t care about our politics… but they do think Trump is a fucking idiot!”

You can check out Dee Snider’s tweet and the conversation between the two followers below.