The singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider posted a recent tweet on his official social media page, and he had given an answer to Alexander Viken who is an Azure Cloud Strategist, Adviser, and Architect.

Alexander Viken has written an inconsistent tweet about Dee Snider, he still thought that Dee Snider to be part of the #Maga movement which is the famous slogan of Donald Trump: ‘Make America Great Again.’

Here’s what Alexander Viken wrote:

“@deesnider still happy to be part of #maga?”

Dee Snider answered:

I never was.”

A user named Chris V said:

“I’m fairly certain your political view has nothing to do with why we love you. The music is why I like you.

The benefit of motorcycle rides are why I love you! I hope to ride with you again.”

Another user named Hannah Klitsberg wrote a stunning comment:

“In this case, I think @deesnider has a bias because although he was a Trump acquaintance, he does not agree with him on the political perspective.

@deesnider you are entitled to your own opinion.”

You can see the tweets of the couple right below.