Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page replying to a fan’s question about the relationship between him and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant after the incident that happened during a wedding of a mutual friend.

There has been an unusual incident that happened back in 1998 between Dee Snider and Robert Plant when the two attended a mutual friend’s wedding. Apparently, after noticing Plant was also a guest, Snider approached the Led Zeppelin frontman to see if he had any intention of getting to perform. Plant replied saying he did not.

Since neither Snider nor Plant is big fans of singing at weddings, the two frontmen hatched a plan to potentially leave the wedding after making sure everybody noticed they were there without having to get on stage to sing.

However, when Plant happened to be on stage singing ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ and two other songs, Snider also got up on stage to sing Led Zeppelin’s classic song, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ After Plant broke their agreement, Dee chose to sing this particular song as a joke due to the fact that Plant had once told him that he hated hearing his own songs.

Recently, a fan who was aware of this incident shared a tweet and asked Dee Snider if the two vocalists are on good terms after what happened at the wedding over two decades ago.

Here is what the fan said in his tweet:

“Dear Dee, Are you on good terms with Robert Plant? Is there any heat because of what happened at the wedding reception of a mutual friend several years ago?”

In his response to the fan’s question, Dee Snider revealed that he loves Robert Plant and he thinks Plant loves him as well. Snider’s reply is considered by his fans as an indication of the two have nothing bad going on between them.

Here is how Dee Snider replied:

“Nope. Love him and I think he loves me. :)”

You can see the Twitter post below.