Twisted Sister’s frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and made a controversial claim about the ‘disco sucks’ movement while saying that he still stands by everything that they had to do to save rock music.

Dee Snider is without a doubt one of the rockstars who are the most active on their social media accounts. He often enjoys using his Twitter account to talk about the latest news in the rock and metal world, to express his views on social and political matters, and obviously, to interact with his fans and answer their questions.

Recently, Alex Skolnick, the lead guitarist of the thrash metal band Testament, expressed his views on the ‘disco sucks’ movement and said that some songs by KISS, Rod Stewart, and Rolling Stones, were disco-flavored which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but were still good.

As you may recall, in the late ’70s dance-oriented disco had become the most popular music genre in the United States, casting a shadow on rock and metal music. Saturday Night Fever was a very popular film that featured disco music and contributed to its popularity. This was not well received by rock musicians and fans who initiated riots which ultimately led to the destroying of successful disco record on ‘Disco Demolition Night.’

After Alex’s comment on the disco-flavored rock music, a Twitter user tagged Dee Snider and said that Twisted Sister and Animal Tactics ‘made a career off’ of the movement. Alex Skolnick responded by saying that he knows Twisted Sister and that although they had fun saying ‘Disco Sucks,’ he doesn’t believe that they genuinely supported the blowing up of music records.

At this point, Dee Snider chimed in and said that disco still sucks and that he doesn’t regret anything that he did or said. He also added that people need to ‘cut the crap with the disco sucks movement being racist’ as he claims that he was fighting against white people such as Travolta and that ‘there wasnt a person of color in sight.’

Here’s what a Twitter user said:

“Twisted Sister, Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Animal Tactics, Eddie Ojeda, and AJ Pero
made a career off of the ‘Disco Sucks’ movement. They were even asked by club owners to have their fans tear down all the disco flair when the club was going under.”

To which Alex Skolnick responded:

“For TS, I’m sure it felt like a fun part of their schtick to say ‘Disco Sucks,’ but knowing the guys, can’t imagine they’d support the movement’s peak: Detroit, 1979, ‘Disco Demolition Night’ – jerks destroying records by EW&F, P-Funk, Nile Rogers, etc (makes me angry to think of).

While Dee Snider said:

“Disco still sucks! And cut the crap with the disco sucks movement being racist. Where I was living we were fighting with John Travolta wannabe Saturday Night Fever assholes. That movie was the trigger point! There wasn’t a person of color in sight! #justsayin #DISCOSTILLSUCKS”

You can check out the tweets below: