Twisted Sister’s frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and talked about how his mainstream fame affects him in his daily life as a ‘family man living his life.’

Dee Snider is without a doubt one of the most well-known metal frontmen of all time and his successful performances with Twisted Sister are still unforgettable. The band achieved mainstream success in the mid-’80s but soon after that, Snider decided to leave the band.

However, the band reunited after some years and they ended up performing numerous times but they never reunited officially. Twisted Sister gave their final concert in November 2016, after the passing of their drummer A.J. Pero. Although TW disbanded soon after they achieved fame, they never seized to be recognized as influential figures.

Recently, a fan asked Dee Snider about whether it gets tiring to be a recognizable figure especially when he’s running everyday chores. Snider responded by saying even though he’s often recognized, people respect his privacy as a ‘family man’ who has nothing to do with fanfare and doesn’t expect any special treatment.

Snider said that often, he’s just there doing his own thing, and people don’t annoy him in any way. He added that when he’s recognized, he interacts with his fans by saying hello and smiling, and his fans appreciate the fact that he’s a down to earth guy and they leave him alone.

Here’s what Dee Snider’s fan asked:

“Since you are so recognizable, does it hinder you from doing just everyday stuff? I can see you getting swarmed at Home Depot…”

To which Dee Snider responded:

“I do my thing and most people are respectful of a family man living his life with no fanfare. When I am recognized I simply say hello. People appreciate that I’m down to earth and I dont expect any special treatment or consideration. They leave me alone. Thank you!”

You can check out the tweet Dee Snider posted on his Twitter account below.