Dee Snider, the legendary former lead singer and also the ex-frontman of Twisted Sister, has made a recent interview with ‘Loudwire Nights’ and talked his recent thoughts on the current United States President Donald Trump.

While saying that Donald Trump is out of his office at all costs in the next United States Presidential election, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Dee claimed that Donald Trump is not even a patriot and he’s also a commie-sympathizer.

While criticizing the political view of Donald in his own style, Dee Snider blamed the current president by accusing him of being a bootlicker of China, Noth Korea, and Russia.

Here is what Dee Snider said about Donald Trump:

“This guy is not a patriot, he’s a commie-sympathizer, he’s anti-American. He’s got his head buried so far up Putin’s butt, so far up North Korea’s ass, China.

These three countries have not changed their stripes, and our president kisses the asses of all three of them. That is not a patriot, that is a commie-sympathizer. This guy has got to go.”

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Back in June, Dee Snider had a serious conversation on Twitter and hammered the people who refuse to wear masks and putting other citizens’ life in danger.

Dee responded to the user that claim he has right not to wear mask and stated that he would hunt his ass into an early grave if he would kill him with his COVID breath.

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