The legendary fronting member of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has retweeted one of the fan’s tweet on his verified Twitter account.

Twisted Sister’s fan named True Enemy of Rome has shared a really rare album box of Twisted Sisters on his own Twitter account. The fan told the event which he lived in the ’70s and ’80s to Dee Snider.

Here’s what the fan wrote:

“Were you clean even back in the TS days in the 70’s and 80’s? I’ve seen Sister many times you always looked like you took care of yourself.

I met you last year, just framed this gem.”

Dee Snider has written a bizarre answer message to his fan, and said that:

“Always clean and sober…just f*cking crazy!”

A user named Scott wrote this:

“I was never a fan of Twisted Sister as I was from other bands then. Just a matter of taste. However years later,

I discovered Mr. Snyder Senate hearing and was blown away by his educated and articulated statements. Not a lot of rockers could have done it better. Kudos to you Sir.”

Another user named Paul commented:

“Very inspiring. I remember reading that as a young adult and not feeling so weird about my ‘straight edge’ status among my friends.

25+ years playing bars and clubs and have never touched a thing.”

You can see the tweet right below.