Twisted Sister’s famous frontman, Dee Snider, recently posted a couple of tweets on his Twitter account to talk about Twisted Sister’s recent reunion and revealed that he’s been a hardcore Queen fan since day one while discussing Queens greatest album which was also their biggest failure.

Dee Snider achieved worldwide fame in the ’80s with his career as the lead vocalist of the Twisted Sister, but he left soon after the band started enjoying mainstream fame. Even though numerous people would have expected Dee Snider to enjoy only metal music because of his career as a metal frontman, he actually recently revealed that he has been a hardcore Queen fan since day one.

As you may recall, Twisted Sister reunited for a virtual concert on Saturday night, March 20, in order to celebrate the life of their late bandmate A.J. Pero. Following their virtual performance, Dee Snider started responding to his fans’ questions about the show through his Twitter account. In one of his tweets, he responded to some questions about Queen and talked about their second album, which is often described as Queen’s ‘heaviest album.’

Dee Snider said that ‘Queen II’ was one of their greatest albums ‘yet their biggest failure.’ He then went on to say that he’s been a Queen fan since day one and recalled watching them opening for Mott the Hoople, probably around mid-’70s, and remembered being the ‘only one screaming so loud‘ he embarrassed both his friends and the band. He said that at some point, Brian May looked at his way ‘to see what the commotion was.’

Here’s what Dee Snider said in his first tweet:

“‘Queen II‘ is one of Queen’s greatest albums yet their biggest failure. The only album they never play any songs from. And Sparks, an amazing band for those with quirky taste… like me and A. J. Pero, RIP.”

To which a fan responded:

Such a heavy album! What are your favorite cuts from ‘Queen I?’ ‘Great King Rat’ & ‘Ogre Battle’ are personal favorites.”

And Dee Snider responded:

“I am a DAY 1 Queen fan. When I saw them open for Mott the Hoople, I was the ONLY person standing and losing my mind! I was screaming so loud I embarrassed my friends AND THE BAND! I remember Brian May looking up at me to see what the commotion was!”

You can check out Dee Snider’s tweets below.