Dee Snider has targeted streaming services in his recent tweets, claiming they will cause numerous artists to starve to death.

As you may know, most musicians suffer from a loss of income because of streaming services. People rarely buy records these days, and they often use streaming services such as Spotify to listen to music. These music platforms do not purchase the music directly from the musicians, and thus, the artists get almost nothing for their own music.

Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil Zappa also touched upon this subject recently and harshly criticized the streaming services. In his statement, he said that it takes near 3.8 million streams to make a $15.000 profit, which is an unpleasant amount for most artists.

Just some hours ago, a fan asked Dee Snider about the same issue on Twitter. He questioned the reason why the bands still rely on the labels instead of the streaming services. Dee Snider answered by saying the labels are quite useless in reality and Pandora and Spotify pay almost nothing to the artists.

Snider continued, claiming that with the increasing number of illegal downloads and the popularity of Spotify, the artists will starve to death. Snider then thanked the ones who choose to buy albums after seeing a fan’s tweet in which said he paid for his last two CDs. Following that, he asked the fans to back up their Spotify uses with an actual purchase.

The fan asked Dee Snider that:

“Dee, an honest question here… How come so many bands are still so reliant on labels? I get maybe for the touring side, but for the release and distribution of music? Isn’t easier for artists to cut out labels altogether and go straight to Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes, etc?”

Dee Snider answered that question, saying:

“While the labels are as useless as tits on a bull, Pandora & Spotify pay virtually nothing to the artists. iTunes is a bit fairer but with the rate people either illegally download or use Spotify, the artists will starve to death. I just released a new album & expect to see ZERO.

A fan then told Snider that:

“I legit paid for your last 2 CDs. I always buy CDs. I hate streaming with a passion. I want every artist I listen to to get paid every cent they’re worth, especially given the decades of joy they give most of us. So, Dee, I hope you get my money!

After seeing that, Snider thanked the fans while saying:

“I thank you all who buy our music. I’m blessed to have come up in a time where people bought albums by the millions. It’s sad that young artists don’t have a hope in hell of ‘getting rich’ from their record sales. It was always an insane longshot… now it’s virtually impossible.

On Spotify use, Dee Snider also said that:

“Spotify is convenient. Virtually everybody is using it. Consumers just need to know that it is not compensating the artist fairly for his/her work. Even if they stream millions and millions…they still need a day job. Back up your Spotify uses with an actual purchase.”

Below are the tweets posted by Dee Snider on this issue.