Twisted Sister star Dee Snider has taken his official Twitter account today and mourned his old-time friend and Mountain legend, Leslie West, who passed away after being hospitalized due to cardiac arrest yesterday.

Leslie West was considered one of the most talented guitarists and musicians of the whole time. You may already familiar with the news that West was struggling with diabetes for most of his life and had his lower right leg amputated about 10 years ago.

While he claimed that he’s not a great guitarist technically, many stars like Paul Stanley, Jimmy Page, and Dee Snider think that he’s one of the most unique musicians of the century. Unfortunately, Leslie passed away from this world due to his ongoing health issues.

Today, his old-time buddy Dee Snider recalled the song they’ve named ‘Feeling Good’ from Leslie’s 2013 album, ‘Still Climbing,’ and admitted that he does not ‘feel good’ after losing his friend. Dee also stated that he did his best to impersonate Leslie on the track.

Here is what Dee Snider wrote after a fan shared their featuring:

“I’m not feeling so good right now, but I will always remember this session with my friend.

And for the record… I’m doing my best at Leslie West’s impersonation on this track. Rest In Power Leslie West.”

You check out the tweet below.