Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has shared new videos on his official Instagram account and revealed how did Snider family avoid the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous diseases that the human race has witnessed. This virus is highly contagious, and it infected over 600K people from all around the world, and it continues to spread.

Dee has stated that his daughter, Cheyenne Snider, was stuck in Peru and couldn’t return the United States during this outbreak. Afterward, Dee revealed that he reached out to the authorities and managed to bring her back to the home.

Dee Snider’s post watched over 14K times in one day, and most of the fans shared their reaction after learning about this great news.

Here is what Dee Snider captioned:

“After a week of struggle, with the help of some old and new friends, my daughter Shy has safely returned from Peru.”

Here is the first part of what Dee Snider said in the video:

“Hey, everybody. Great news, for us especially. Last night, our daughter arrived back on U.S. soil. She was released. It was more like she got out of Peru where they’re holding thousands of Americans.

Not hundreds, you’ve heard on TV it’s hundreds. It’s not hundreds, it’s thousands. I did that all week long, reaching out to every possible resource I could.”

A fan named Misty added this comment:

“So true! If you treat people like human beings and be persistent with patience, you will get so much more accomplished! So glad to hear she’s home safely.”

Another fan named Johnny wrote:

“God bless. Glad your daughter’s back. Hoping many other Americans can come back to their families, soon as well.”

You can watch the video below.