Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently posted a series of tweets on his Twitter account considering the storming of the United States Capitol and talked about the recent phone call he had with Skid Rows former vocalist Sebastian Bach.

As you probably know, both Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach enjoy actively using their social media accounts and especially their Twitter accounts to express their views on important social and political matters and happenings, to share their latest projects, and interact with both their fans and each other.

As you may recall, January 6, 2021, became an unforgettable day in the modern history of the United States. On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the United States Capitol building in an attempt to prevent Congress from approving elected president Joe Biden’s win in the Electoral Colleges.

This attack was supported by Donald Trump who wanted to overturn his defeat against Joe Biden and encouraged his sympathizers publicly on Twitter. Eventually, Trump was banned from Twitter but this didn’t prevent famous rockstars from sharing their views and pushing for legal action against these ‘terrorists’ as Dee Snider characterized them.

Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach had shared their views on this matter through their Twitter accounts before and had asked for legal action to be taken against the rioters who breached dozens of police parameters, vandalized, and occupied parts of the Capitol building for hours. Bach recently took it to his Twitter account to ask everybody he has ever met to tell him whether they are on board with what happened last Wednesday.

Dee Snider responded to that question by saying that any attack on the United States and its countrymen is ‘completely wrong and unacceptable.’ After receiving supportive tweets from their fans, Snider went on to add that following his tweet he had a conversation with Bach during which they decided that they ‘stand (very) tall on the side of decency and right and true patriotism together.’

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his tweet:

“I just wanna know if you’re down that’s all. Anybody I ever knew, anybody I ever listened to, anybody I ever cared about I just gotta know: are you down with this? Do you support murdering cops on the steps of the American Capitol? If the answer is yes please just let us all know.”

To which Dee Snider responded:

“You know where I stand my friend! Violent protest, violent action ESPECIALLY against your own countrymen is COMPLETELY WRONG AND UNACCEPTABLE! I look forward to hanging out and rocking shoulder to shoulder with you again, SMF #2!

He then posted another tweet saying:

“Just got off the phone with Sebastian Bach. We stand (very) tall on the side of decency and right and true patriotism together… and we rock harder than pretty much everybody else!”

You can check out the tweets by Bach and Snider below.