Twisted Sister’s iconic frontman Dee Snider is very well-known with his interesting Twitter conversations on social media. Today, Dee talked about famous TV personality, Jimmy Fallon and called him ‘sick mutha f-.’

Everything started with a music photographer, Stephanie Cabral’s tweet. Stephanie shared the story of how Jimmy Jallon saw her ‘Twisted Sister New York’ hat, and how was his reaction to that.

Here is what Stephanie said:

“Stephanie Cabral@stephaniecabral@deesniderWhen @jimmyfallonsaw my @TwistedSisterNYhat tonight he also professed his love as an SMF.”

Twisted Sister frontman responded to that tweet:

“I KNOW! Jimmy is a Sick Mutha F….

Well, you know the rest! @TwistedSisterNY”

You can check out the tweets below.