During a recent conversation on Q104.3 New York, Twisted Sister’s famous frontman, Dee Snider, talked about the times he thought about retiring and explained what made him change his mind, especially the last time while announcing that his new record will be released in July.

As you know, Dee Snider is currently considered to be one of the most successful frontmen of the ’80s metal scene and he achieved mainstream fame as the lead vocalist of Twisted Sister. Although the band enjoyed increasing fame at the beginning of the ’80s, Snider’s tenure with the band was short-lived as he decided to leave the band a couple of years later.

The band came back together to perform on various occasions but they never officially reunited. However, Snider continued working on his career as a musician as a solo artist and by taking place or founding numerous side projects. In his recent interview, the 65 years old metalstar talked about the times he considered retiring and explained why he changed his mind.

During his recent interview, Snider said that his wife actually laughs at him whenever he says that he’s retiring as he has attempted this so many times, that it has become a joke in their family. Although in the past years, he had been concentrating on writing screenplays, a novel, and directing a movie, this year he found himself once again making music and collaborating with other musicians.

Snider said that even though he was determined to retire from music in 2018, the fact that COVID made him retire triggered the teenager inside him. When he realized that he had forcefully stopped making music, he decided to go against all odds and rebel by getting back to music. Snider’s way of explaining his failed attempts to retire was highly appreciated by his fans who were glad to hear that he’ll be around for some more time.

Here’s what Dee Snider said in the interview:

My wife laughs every time I say Im retiring. But I really thought that music was… I was going to stop live performing, stop recording, I really thought that was it. I’ve been writing, I’ve really focused on that, I’m still be directing a movie, writing screenplays for hire now, I just finished a novel, so I want to get into writing.

And then I don’t know, I’ve been contemplating why I’ve changed my position. I think it’s something to do with the fact that COVID was like my parents telling me I cant do it. Let me explain. So, in 2018, I told all my friends and family, ‘That’s it, I’m done, it’s over.’ And then the pandemic happened and they said, ‘You can’t do it!’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean, ‘You can’t do it’?’ ‘Well, even if you wanted to play, you couldn’t play, so you’re not retiring, we retired you.’ And that kind of irked me, I think. guess I’m just feeling this teenage frustration, ‘You can’t tell me that I can’t play!’

And the next thing I know I’m doing a new album, we’re shooting videos and my new record is coming out in July, I’m talking about 2022 return when concerts start again, and I’ve joined this project called Rock Me Amadeus which I was on your show when it was Rocktopia on Broadway. They’ve changed names, it’s the same idea as the classic meets rock mashup thing. And so I’ve joined them, so yeah, I don’t know, but Im back.”

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