Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider showed his support to a fan on social media who is suffering from alcoholism via his official Twitter account.

This fan of Dee admitted that he is powerless over alcohol that his life became unmanageable. While mentioning how tough this addiction is, he also asked for any help from Dee Snider himself.

Even though Dee is not a drinker or smoker, he wanted to show all of his help as much as he can give. Because of that, Dee admitted that he can not help directly with his addiction.

However, Dee stated that he should look for other people who are better suited to help with his addiction. In this way, Dee showed his support to this person and revealed how a humble person he is.

A fan of Dee said:

“I have admitted to myself that I am powerless over alcohol that my life has become unmanageable… It is a fact… For those who have traveled this road, please reach out… With Covid, this will be a difficult journey, and I will need your help Dee Snider.”

Dee Snider replied:

“Bryce as a never drinker, never drugger, I’m not the one to guide you on the journey you need to take right now, but there are others out there better suited for this job.”

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