A few days ago, vocalist of Twisted Sister Dee Snider has shared the news by Loudwire about the iconic t-shirt that he was wearing for taking attention to the Australian bushfires.

Later on, a fan named Paul Arthur replied to Dee Snider and said that he tried to wear this but didn’t like the way he looked.

Here is what Paul Arthur wrote:

“That’s awesome Dee and for a great cause too. On a Side note I tried on my 1984 monsters of rock T-shirt. Sadly a comparison photo like yours would not be such a positive experience 😳 it can’t have shrunk that much…”

Six hours later, Dee Snider replied to Paul and said that it wasn’t Paul’s fault. As he stated in, back in the days, these t-shirts were not good enough and they have shrunk.

Here is Dee Snider’s reply:

“It’s not you…it’s the crappy t-shirt fabric they used back then! EVERYBODY’S 80’s Ts have shrunk! Right, people?”

After one day, Dee Snider stated that t-shirts didn’t shrink, the people are growing up and this is how Dee trolled the fans.

Here is what Dee Snider wrote:

“People I’m KIDDING! The shirts didn’t shrink WE ALL GREW!”

You can check the post below.