Twisted Sister’s frontman Dee Snider recently responded to some of his fans’ questions on Twitter and opened up about how technology has affected the rock world and whether recording in studios still makes sense.

There is no doubt that Dee Snider is one of the most famous metal frontmen of all time. As you know, Snider enjoys actively using his social media accounts and in specific his Twitter account, to express his views on important social and political matters, to talk about his latest projects, and interact with his fans.

Recently, he answered some of his fans’ questions and talked about how technology has developed so much that musicians can record at the leisure of their home. While he stated that recording on a digital format is much faster than doing it on tapes, he said that he prefers to record at a vocal booth with an engineer of he’s going to ‘let it rip on a track.’

Here’s what a fan asked:

“Do you musicians still need record studios or can you make a new album on a laptop?”

This is what Dee Snider responded:

“Technology exists and you can set yourself up to record our parts at home…but I need a vocal booth and an engineer if I’m going to let it rip on a track!”

This is what another fan asked:

“Do you prefer recording on a digital format, or are you like the Foo Fighters and do it old school on analog tape?”

To which Snider responded:

“Whatever gets it done and digital is soooo much faster!”

You can check out the tweets below: