The official Instagram page of U2 recently shared a post announcing a farewell message thanking fans for their support through 25 years which made the fans confused about whether the band is over or it was related to their social media accounts.

U2 was formed in 1976 when the members were only teenagers and initially rooted in post-punk. However, their musical style has evolved throughout the years and maintained an anthemic quality based on the frontman Bono’s expressive vocals and the lead guitarist Edge’s guitar texture. 

Over the years, U2 has won numerous awards including 22 Grammy Awards and became a household name in the music industry, particularly with their iconic 14 studio albums including ‘The Joshua Tree,’ ‘Achtung Baby,’ and ‘War.’

In addition to their musical success, the official Instagram page of the band has over two million followers through which they share throwback pictures of the band, new announcements, and keep their fans updated.

Recently, a farewell message posted on U2’s official Instagram account by one of the biggest U2 fan page’s founder and manager, Matt McGee who established a website 25 years ago which gave U2 fans to turn to for information on the band. However, McGee’s statements created confusion among fans since most of them assumed that U2 was the one to came to an end.

Here is what Matt McGee stated in the caption of U2’s latest post:

“Thanks and goodbye.

Per My note on October 23, the time has come to say goodbye. It’s been a joy to share our fandom with you for 25 years. Thank you for supporting us, trusting us, and making us part of your U2 fandom.

You don’t start a fan site because you want to serve and get closer to the object of your fandom. You do it because you want to serve and get closer to the fans. Thanks for letting us do that. We hope we served you well.”

In addition to the post, U2 members’ insights about the retirement of their manager and founder for their official social media accounts were revealed in the caption section. All members of the band, seemingly, grateful for everything McGee has done for the past 25 years.

Here is what they said:

“AtU2… at U2, 25 years looked like a long time 25 years ago
It feels even longer now haha!
Thanks, Matt, thanks for all those insightful posts & pokes!
Bono, Edge, Larry & Adam

Following the statement, fans poured comments under the post and mentioned their worries about the future of U2 since they couldn’t comprehend the situation completely. Most of them thought the retirement was about U2 and a fan commented on the post which received nearly 600 likes stating that the idea of U2 retiring almost gave him a heart attack.

Here is the comment:

My heart stopped for a moment.”

When a U2 fan asked whether it was the band that came to an end, another fan, fortunately, explained the situation by stating that the original creator of the official Instagram page of U2 is retiring.

Here’s what the U2 fan asked about the confusing statement:

“Can someone explain who this guy is and what happened? I’m confused. Did the band end???”

Another fan explained:

 “Hi, no I think the guy who created the U2 page on the internet is only retiring.

You can see the Instagram post below.