U2 lead guitarist the Edge opened up about the track, ‘Love Is Blindness’ during an interview with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. As it turns out, the Edge reflected his personal life to the song, especially the emotions he was going through during his divorce while making the album. The guitarist also admitted to crying while constructing the solo since he was in an environment that allowed him to let it all out.

For those of you who may not know, ‘Love Is Blindness’ is the twelfth and final track on U2’s seventh studio album ‘Achtung Baby,’ released on November 18, 1991. The song’s theme mainly focuses on a failed romantic relationship, and it received good reviews from music critics when released.

During the recording sessions of their album, the Edge was going through a divorce from his then-wife Aislinn O’Sullivan. This split truly inspired the song’s writing process, especially the guitar solo. According to lead singer Bono, the guitar solo was a cathartic experience for the guitarist since he snapped several times during the recording sessions.

Recently, Tom Morello shared a post on his official Twitter account announcing a brand new interview with the Edge, revealing a 5-minute video clip from the podcast. When Morello mentioned the guitar solo of ‘Love Is Blindness,’ the U2 guitarist opened up about the personal issues he was experiencing during the making of the record.

Apparently, the Edge had never expected his marriage to come to an end. Therefore, the divorce affected him profoundly, and he let his emotions out while constructing the guitar solo alone in his basement. The guitarist admitted to crying when he first played the solo, and that it was liberating to let his emotions out through his music.

During the podcast, the Edge said:

“It’s a funny thing that U2 music is often deeply personal, born from very intense emotional feelings that are real. In that case, I was going through a marriage breakup, and I was genuinely going through the pain of the end of a relationship that I never thought would end.

When it came to me playing the solo on ‘Love Is Blindness,’ the first time I played, I poured everything into this guitar solo. I was in tears, I was just giving it all, but I was down in the basement so no one could see. I was waiting for a response, and Danny came on saying, ‘Edge, that was kind of okay, let’s try it again.'”

You can see the Twitter post and listen to ‘Love Is Blindness’ below.