U2’s iconic frontman, Bono was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone India and revealed his thoughts on new-age star Billie Eilish.

As you might read the statements of Bono below, he praised Billie with great words and stated that he thinks that Billie is a world-class artist.

Here is what Bono said, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“I mean some of them [new artists] are incredible. When you think about Billie Eilish and what she’s done with her brother Finneas [O’Connel] and they are just working at home and next thing you know, it’s world-class. But she’s cleverly, ouch, trying to figure out live… She knows what she’s doing.

You can’t just be a creature of recording and I think to be real like Chance The Rapper or Billie, you have to get out there. You see if people really have the thing, whatever the thing is, and that’s where we find out live. You can’t hide, and the other thing is the top 10 memories people will have in their life often include a concert.”

Bono continued:

“Because I think there’s something about a communal experience, above a movie. Movies don’t turn up in people’s top 10 memories. I don’t know why. Because I think it’s the way the brain receives it.

This is going to be our last show in Mumbai. We have no plans to do any more shows after that. So you know, it’s going to be a big moment.”

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