The iconic Irish rock band U2’s official Instagram page posted a recent photo of the band’s legendary bassist Adam Clayton and celebrated his 60th birthday with one of his recent photos.

As you might check out the photo right below, Adam has grown his beard and actually, he looks way older than sixty-years-old. Almost 70K people pushed the like button within just one day.

Here is what they wrote on the caption:

“BEAUTIFUL day In Dublin, mind yourselves… ADAM X
#mindyourselfie @stpatricks_wims

An Instagram user named danidpvox shared his message:

“Happy Birthday our dear Adam @u2 🎂🤗💚 ☘stay safe at home 🙏☘”

Another U2 follower named mandihgabry wrote this:

“Lindoooooo!! O love you! Happy Birthday😍❤️❤️”

You can check out the photo right below.