The frontman of the legendary Irish band U2, Bono, recently posted a heartfelt video and message on U2’s official Instagram account and paid tribute to Dr. Martin on Martin Luther King Jr. Day while saying that his ‘voice is louder today than it has ever been.’

The world-renown rock band U2 was formed in 1976 and they are still actively performing. Their last tour ‘The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour’ took place back in 2019 during which 3.3 million tickets were sold. Aside from their successful music career, U2 is also known for their philanthropy and activism as they have always tried to raise awareness on important matters such as social justice, women’s rights, the environment, and more.

U2 has also been influenced by Martin Luther King Jr.’s groundbreaking work and inspiring messages, and they have paid tribute to the civil rights icon with some of their songs such as ‘MLK’ and ‘Pride (In the Name of Love).’ On January 18, which is also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Bono honored the influential activist by reading excerpts of some of Dr.Martins unforgettable speeches on U2 X-Radio.

U2’s official Instagram account recently shared an excerpt of Bono’s speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and paid tribute to the civil rights activist who had the courage to voice his revolutionary ideas and dreams. Bono said that he was a remarkable person who kept people ‘faithful to peace and community‘ and convinced people that joy and justice are attainable when fought for.

Here’s what Bono said in his video as a tribute to Martin Luther King:

“Dr. King kept his tolerance in a time of terror, kept us faithful to peace and community, made us believe in joy and justice, showed us the way to a shared humanity. Dr. King’s voice is louder today than it has ever been. One of the true fathers of the American dream.”

This is what Bono wrote in the caption of U2’s recent Instagram post:

“‘Dr. King’s voice is louder today than it has ever been… one of the true fathers of the American dream’ Bono”

Click here to check out the video that U2 posted on their Instagram account and you can listen to Bono’s inspirational speech honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. below.