On a recent Instagram post, U2’s iconic vocalist Bono wrote an emotional letter about famous rap star, Kanye West, and revealed his admiration to him in a classy way.

As you can read the letter below, Bono revealed the first time he saw Kanye West, and he remembered that moment by calling it a black story. Also, he stated that he is fan of Kanye since he worked together on the ‘Vertigo Tour’ with them.

Furthermore, Bono wrote that he is impressed by Kanye’s fearless personality and being the person who really is. In this way, Bono paid his tribute to Kanye and showed his respect to him.

Here is the letter of Bono:

“Dear Kanye,

I was a hundred feet from your feet… Your eyes were shut so as not to be distracted from the words you had Just written around the corner, but here yon, were debuting this song live from Saturday Night Live… and I’m in the TV studio to witness some black history. It’s May 18, 2013. Your ‘leather black Jeans on My by-any-means-on Pardon, I’m getting my scream on enter the kingdom’

It felt like hip hop waited the black leather Jacket back from rock ‘n’ roll… and the rock ‘n’ roll silhouette too. And there you were. Head like a bullet against the supermarket yellow backdrop with a sign saying not for sale. Words shot from a glock-like mouth, from the lips of some punk Othello, with dogs like wolves on a leash…”

He added:

“Teeth bared, tongues dripping, Ku Klux knots slipping. I was about to get musically kicked in the head but I remember-the smell of bovver boot leather as it actually stomped on me. I remembered the white skinheads. I remembered the feeling of being 18…

I’m watching a film noir, horror… I was in that movie but that night the beating was inside my head not on my head, in fact, it sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before. The soundtrack of terror, but I wasn’t afraid… I was relieved somebody was fearless. Your fan since you came out on the road with us for the Vertigo tour, again, fearless…

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Bono – Instagram