The frontman of the iconic Irish band U2, Bono, recently posted a photo on U2’s official Instagram account and wrote a heartfelt message in which he congratulated the new United States President and Vice-President while saying that their achievement is history-shaping.

The world-famous Irish rock band U2 was formed in 1976 in Dublin, and even though it has been over 45 years since their formation, they are still actively performing. Besides their successful music career, U2 is also well-known for their activism, philanthropy, and support on crucial social matters such as racism, human rights, social justice, women’s rights, the environment, and many more.

Bono recently posted a photo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on U2’s official Instagram account and congratulated the duo for their ‘historymaking, history-shaping achievement.’ Bono also added that the United States’ symbol, Lady Liberty, has been battered and bruised in the past four years, but that now ‘her flame burns bright’ knowing that the country is in good hands.

As you know, Joe Biden has Irish roots, which is another reason why Bono feels really close to the elected president. He said that Biden will act according to Yeats’ concept of cold passion which is what the United States needs right now to get back on its feet. Finally, Bono said that what the conservatives, who betrayed their country for their ego, need to do right now is to accept ‘that the people have spoken.’

Here’s what Bono said in the caption of U2’s recent Instagram post:

“‘As an Irishman, I’ve always believed America isn’t just a country, it’s an idea… one the whole world has a stake in. Lady Liberty’s been bruised and battered these past four years, but today her flame burns bright as we watch her torch transfer to two new leaders who will calm the waters, even while they chart a new course. Joe Biden understands that in perilous times like these it is Yeats’ concept of cold passion that’s required… an idea both very Irish, and very American.

Congratulations and Godspeed to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, whose history-making, history-shaping achievement deserves many more moments in the sun. And here’s to those conservatives who, when incited to turn your back on democracy, chose to put country above party, truth above tribalism… and accepted that the people have spoken.’
#InaugurationDay #Inauguration”

Click here to check out the photo that U2 posted on their official Instagram account and you can watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris below.