U2 star Bono (Paul David Hewson) had a new interview with Cry Power Podcast’s Hozier and revealed his real thoughts on the iconic naked photos of late The Beatles legend John Lennon and his lovely girlfriend, Yoko Ono.

You can find his statements right below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“I quite like my rock and roll stars to be a bit ridiculous. I mean, we were talking about John Lennon earlier hiding under my bed when I was a kid.

You know, there he was doing his bag, his peace’ins. Everyone was interested in his marriage with Yoke [Ono] and he said, ‘Okay, I’ll use it.”

Bono continued:

“Yet, people were so offended by this, you know, the war in Vietnam is a serious business and this man is making a dick out of himself.

In fact, he’s showing his dick to virgins, these two beautiful souls standing together naked. I was like, ‘wow.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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