Udo Dirkschneider, who is the frontman of Accept, spoke in the interview with ‘The Rock N Ragni Show’ and saddened the fans by rejecting the possibility of a reunion of the legendary band.

Right now, Udo is working on his solo project, U.D.O, and some of the band members from Accept joined his project for the ‘We Are One’ album. Because of that, some of the fans were wondering if the Accept could be reunited or not.

In the talk, Udo said that the only guitarist of the band, Wolf Hoffmann, remained in the band and the reunion is not an option for Accept even though he is now working the bass guitarist and drummer of the band, Peter Baltes and Stefan Kaufmann.

Here is what Udo Dirkschneider said:

“It’s, in a way, a reunion if we were working together songwriting-wise. That was interesting. But a lot of people came up already reunion. And I said, ‘What kind of reunion?’ It’s not possible to do a reunion with Accept.

There is only one guy left. Sorry, but there is no reunion with Accept. Of course, some people are thinking, ‘Now he’s working already with Peter and Stefan.’ But no. Forget this. Definitely not.”

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