One of the most iconic photographers of the heavy metal community, Ross Halfin, has shared a couple of new photos on his verified Instagram account and showed off the rare moments of Phil Mogg and Pete Way.

As Ross declared the conversation he had with Pete before sending the photo, he also added that this rare image was taken back in the ’80s and this rare image got almost 5K likes in a short time.

Here is the caption:

“UFO, photographed in Nashville TN. I just found this rather exotic photo in my file. Long before Tesla worshiped at the altar of The Tiger King, Phil Mogg and Pete Way were his first true love.

I actually spoke to Pete about this, this morning and he said “You must remember! We introduced you to him, you took pictures!” (I will have to look for these !!). Pete also told me that Phil wrote ‘Love to Love’ about their polyamorous relationship with Joe Exotic. #rosshalfin #ufo #thetigerking”

An Instagram user named veteranofdisorder commented:

“I remember that shoot from Sounds. Magic work.”

Another user named pommes.gabel took everyone’s attention to another thing:

“Are you sure about Mogg / Way? Aren’t that Siegfried (left) & Roy (right)?🙈”

Here is the photo he shared: