Ultimate-Guitar is one of the most popular rock and metal web sites in the world and they released a list that revealing top 10 overrated drummers.

Check out the list from below.

10. Alex Van Halen

9. Charlie Watts

8.  Travis Barker

7. Phil Collins

6. Meg White

5. Larry Mullen, Jr

4. Joey Jordison

3. Ringo Starr

2. Tommy Lee

1. Lars Ulrich

  • TJones

    He doesn’t belong here. Listen to early Brand X.

  • Daniel E Olivero

    Meg White…are you fu%&*ng me…her ex-h Jack White said that on “Bastille Day of 1997, Meg first tried playing on Jack’s drumkit”….that’s how she started…so how the hell is on this list????

  • Jay Bramer

    Well Lars must be pretty darn good to stay in Metallica all those years

  • Mike Kelley

    I mostly agree with the list!!