Metallica legend James Hetfield made his acting debut as Officer Bob Hayward (who arrested Ted Bundy) for the Netflix special movie: “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

Extremely Wicked director Joe Berlinger had a recent interview with Revolver and revealed an untold story about how did he end up crossing with James ‘Papa Het’ Hetfield.

Here is his statement:

“The whole reason this came up was that I was at Lars [Ulrich’s] wedding, so I hung out with James, and he was thinking about doing some voiceover work.

I said to him at the wedding that he has such a commanding voice, that I thought that translated into voiceover work and also he would be a really interesting actor because of that presence.

This was about four years ago, before I knew I was doing this movie.

So when this movie came along, what inspired me to reach out to him is that when you look at a photograph of officer Bob Hayward, a Utah patrolman who pulled Ted Bundy over when he ran a stop sign in a suburb, Hetfield looked like a better looking, more in-shape version of him.”

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