Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth released his latest The Roth Show and mentioned a woman named TJ. Roth said that she is the woman of his life and his dreams.

David Lee Roth also informed his followers that TJ had a terrible motorcycle accident and her lover Macy Franklin started a GoFundMe campaign.

Here is what’s written on the GoFundMe page:

“On April 27th my lover TJ was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. TJ, an activist, model, and lgbtq+ icon and ally is the most loving, inclusive human being full of life and embrace.

Their resilience and hunger for growth astound me as they continue to push through this situation even under the most heinous circumstances.”

You can click here to see her GoFundMe page.

You can see the latest photos of TJ below:

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Hi everybody. This is Macy again I just wanted to update everyone on everything that is taking place over here in the hospital. I want to be as transparent as I can about what TJ (and I) are experiencing in this extremely critical time. There are a few really important things I need to address so bear with me. First and foremost I NEED to address the last post I uploaded to both mine and TJ’s instagrams. If you didn’t notice, the caption is VERY unfitting to the photo. In the photo that was posted, TJ and I are smiling in the hospital bed together. However, if you read the caption it’s all about how heinous this experience has been so far. I want to explain my reasoning for that. It is important for me to paint a truthful picture of what TJ is experiencing for you all. At the time that the post went up, TJ Was not coherent, nor in their right mind enough to decipher what was appropriate to go up on our accounts. TJ could barely speak in sentences because of the pain, medications, and surgeries they have been enduring. As their lover, it’s my responsibility to keep everyone updated while protecting TJ’s vulnerability. With that being said, i was absolutely not comfortable uploading some of the graphic content i have of TJ without their permission so I posted a video that was taken on our first day here. Now that TJ has granted that to me I want to share what our daily experience here is like. Its excruciating. Its excruciating for TJ, and its excruciating for me to bear witness to what this process entails. Not only has TJ been in excruciating pain (that just recently started to be successfully managed) but, they had a severe reaction to the anesthesia from their second surgery. TJ had extreme postoperative hallucinations for about 12 hours. Essentially, i walked them through a 12 hour terrifying Versed (sedative) induced trip. Now, we are preparing for the TJ’s 3rd surgery in which TJ will be going into any minute. This whole thing has been really scary as well as taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally for the two of us. Thank you everyone for your support, love, and donations. Please keep spreading the word about the gofundme. The link is still in my bio.

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You can watch the recent Roth Show below: