While the whole community is rocking with unexpected rumors of Eddie Van Halen’s fight with throat cancer, Van Halen’s official YouTube account shared a new video featuring Eddie Van Halen.

According to the latest reports of TMZ, Van Halen members are traveling between the United States and Germany for Eddie’s cancer treatment for a while.

Van Halen Store shared Eddie’s mini ornaments and showed the little sneek peak of his guitar collection.

Here is the official statement of Van Halen Store’s YouTube account:

“Get yours here: https://www.vanhalenstore.com/page/VH… Rockin’ Little Guitars for your holiday tree!

These limited edition 6” replicas of Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitars are handcrafted from solid wood. Guaranteed to brighten your holiday!

Available individually or in sets at https://www.vanhalenstore.com :)”

You can check out the video below.

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Earlier this month, Eddie Van Halen’s beautiful wife, Janie Liszewski has shared a new photo on her Instagram page after the horrible rumors about how Eddie Van Halen is struggling with throat cancer for a while.

This time, Janie Liszewski shared a meaningful quote of Kylie Francis about the risk. Here is Kylie’s saying:

“That risk you’re afraid to take could be the one that changes your entire life.”

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