On Twitter, Van Halen fans urged the band’s current bassist Wolfgang Van Halen to share more information about the new Van Halen tour over a tweet he posted five years ago and he replied to the comments with a recent statement.

As you may recall, a few weeks ago, Wolfgang Van Halen and Van Halen’s iconic frontman David Lee Roth had a dispute over David’s statements regarding the future of Van Halen. Lee Roth stated that there was a high possibility for Eddie Van Halen to not being able to tour ever again.

As a response to David’s claims, Eddie’s son Wolfgang implied it wasn’t his place to talk about the future of his father and Van Halen. However, he didn’t share any further information about the future plans of Van Halen.

Recently on Twitter, Wolfgang Van Halen responded to the Van Halen fans’ comments on his tweet posted five years ago. Apparently, Wolf shared a tweet asking the fans’ opinion on choosing the setlist of Van Halen’s most recent tour that took place from July to October 2015 across North America.

Here’s what Wolfgang Van Halen wrote in his 5-year-old tweet:

Working on setlist ideas right now… Which ‘deep cuts’ or ‘b-sides’ would you like to hear on this upcoming #VanHalen tour??

However, Van Halen fans commented on the tweet assuming it was a recent announcement and shared their requests for the setlist. Wolfgang also commented on his old tweet by sharing a new statement about Van Halen tour.

Here’s what Wolfgang Van Halen stated in his recent tweet:

I love how people are responding to this tweet with requests like it isn’t 5 years old.

Some of the devoted fans of Van Halen put pressure on the band to think about a new tour in the future over Wolf’s tweets. However, Wolfgang indicated that considering the current problems with the global coronavirus pandemic, there was no chance of touring for Van Halen in the near future.

A fan nicknamed Trans Halen commented on the requests of Van Halen fans by stating:

Really speaks to how hopeful many people are for another tour

As a response to the comment, Wolfgang Van Halen wrote:

True and I see that but considering we’re in a global pandemic and touring ain’t happening for a while it might be a little too hopeful.

You can see the tweets Wolfgang Van Halen posted on Twitter below.