During the recent interview with Vulture, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has shared his thoughts about President of USA, Donald Trump.

He said that ‘guys, you elected a billionaire. You’re never going to be able to convince him of anything’. Here’s the full statement:

“This is reminiscent of five different time periods politically in seven different countries in terms of the conduct and the progression, and it goes back to … I’ll say it, good or bad, okay? Because quite honestly, I have fans on both sides of the Punta Gorda delta. Are you familiar with the Redneck Mud Park?

Van Halen music is as revered in tractor-pulling magazines — Puller, it’s called — as it is in “Page Six,” where I got written up not terribly long ago. So, in terms of politics, I use my time in the spotlight for the rights: civil rights, equal rights, speech rights, women, and animals.

But guys, you elected a billionaire. You’re never going to be able to convince him of anything. He’s a billionaire. What I make is tiny compared to that, and you’re never gonna convince me of anything either, which is why I’m not in a position of public responsibility. I just want to go from philandering to philanthropy.”

Interviewer said ‘Will there be a David Lee Roth wing at Mt. Sinai?’ and Roth responded:

This is my time. Van Halen earned over a billion dollars for Warner Bros. in the last 40 summers, and that’s before we count those counterfeits we don’t know about.

Up until about 18 months ago, I was making eight cents a royalty on a $20 Van Halen record. Okay? So, whatever happens from this interview on, you’re looking at a free man. Oh yeah!

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