One of the most talented vocalists of all time and also precious former member of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, posted a recent video on his official Instagram account and admitted that he is a bummer.

The caption of the Instagram post was concerning as Hagar was apologizing to his fans about the announcement:

“Sorry to have to make this announcement. But I wanted you to know as soon as possible and hear it from me personally.

#whatabummer #thecircle #iloveyou #sorry”

In the video, Sammy Hagar answers the questions regarding The Circle‘s upcoming tour. He said, as transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“Well, the tour is not going to happen.”

Even though it is not yet officially announced by The Circle, Hagar couldn’t wait:

“I just want to get to jump on it make sure you get your money back as quick as possible.”

Hagar assures his fans that they will be back once the pandemic is over:

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll get this thing done as soon as things open up. The Circle will be the first ones out there.”

Even though the fans were upset about the tour not happening, they were really happy about the way Hagar handled the announcement.

Laurieann Walsh Cossey said:

“You are one amazing human You really care about your fans ❤️ thank you”

Dawn Clift said:

“💙Thanks so much for addressing the cancellation in such a swift manner. As a fan, we will really miss seeing y’all in San Diego, but as a consumer, I appreciate the notification.”

You can see Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post below.