Rob Zombie icon John 5 was recently interviewed by Derek Thomas of “Masters of Shred” and revealed a never-before-listened David Lee Roth song.

Here is what John 5 said about his relationship with David Lee Roth:

“Here’s what would happen – Dave would call me and he’d be like, ‘Come on over and let’s write some songs, get some Doritos.’

And I would always hang out with Dave for years and years and years. So I’d just go over and we’d just talk about everything, play music and write songs, you know, all the time. So there was this time where we’d write songs early in the morning, and then he would rent out the studio at night.

We’d write, write, write and then we’d go into the studio. And we did that for a long time. We had a collection of music.”

You can watch the whole interview below (the clip is around 22.50):

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