Van Halen’s legendary former frontman Sammy Hagar posted a new video on his official Instagram page to share what does he feel during the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing days we are facing.

As you will check out the video right below, Sammy is feeding the ducks with his lovely wife Kari Hagar, and he also penned a meaningful caption with telling how does it feel getting old.

Here is what he wrote:

“Getting old ain’t so bad but growing up’s a bitch. This isolation thing is starting to make me act my age #day14 #hanginthere”

A Sammy follower named beav0820 wrote this:

“Stay healthy Sammy & keep the ducks happy. I took my dog out for a nice walk this a.m. to the park by our house in Santa Clarita to get rid of some cabin fever!🐕🐾🐾”

An Instagram user named bonjimi penned this comment to Sammy:

“Do you need to run and get a damn guitar in your hand right now and if not then get some of your tequila. Don’t act your age.”

Sammy responded with a single emoji:


You may watch the recent video of Sammy right below.