The legendary ex-frontman of Van Halen and current Chickenfoot member, Sammy Hagar posted a recent video on his official and certified Instagram page and showed the scary moments he had in Cabo San Lucas.

As you might know that there’s a huge natural disaster going on in Cabo and the whole people in the city suffers from a heavy rain flood.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote about the issue:

“Wow! Just when I said to Kari. “wish we were in Cabo” #rain #flood #today #seeyoufortheholidays #sunshine #🙏 #ithoughtcaliforniawascold”

An Instagram user named hopfinderS commented:

“Oregon getting hammered too. Cheers to warmer, dryer days! 🥁🤘”

Another user, wolfgang.5150 wrote this:

“That’ll keep the dust down 😳”

You can watch the horrifying video right below.